Verdict Reached in Troup County Trial for Gang-Related Murder Case

Verdict Reached in Troup County Trial for Gang-Related Murder Case

Lateef Jamil Moreland, also known by several aliases including “Monsta Black 74” and “Hatebaby G,” was found guilty on multiple charges including Malice Murder and Aggravated Assault after a weeklong trial in Troup County. The jury’s decision came after a thorough presentation of evidence, indicating Moreland’s involvement in a fatal shooting incident on January 28, 2023, at a Quality Inn parking lot in LaGrange.

During the trial, it was revealed that Moreland, associated with the Gangster Disciples gang, was allegedly one of two masked gunmen who approached Alan Dale Huguley, Jr.’s vehicle, firing over twenty shots and inflicting twelve gunshot wounds. The prosecution argued that the murder was orchestrated to advance the gang’s objectives and enhance Moreland’s status within the group.

Key evidence presented included surveillance footage from a local convenience store, showing Moreland wearing the same attire as one of the shooters on the day of the incident. Additionally, ballistics evidence linking a distinctive teal-colored handgun, seized in an unrelated investigation in Valdosta, to the crime was instrumental in the case. Digital evidence, including social media images, further implicated Moreland in the possession of the firearm.

Following his arrest in June 2023, Moreland faced trial, led by Chief Assistant District Attorney Jack Winne, with investigation support from LaGrange Police Department Detectives Darrell Prichard and Jarrod Anderson. The sentencing is scheduled for June 5, 2024, in the Superior Court of Troup County, presided over by Chief Judge N. Markette Baker.

The case underscores the persistence of gang-related violence in the community, prompting the District Attorney’s Office to reiterate its commitment to prosecuting such crimes rigorously and securing significant prison terms for offenders.

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