Columbus Police Department Successfully Completes Transition to NIBRS

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The Columbus Police Department (CPD) has announced the successful completion of its transition to the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). This transition marks a significant milestone for CPD, which has been diligently working towards adopting this new uniformed crime reporting system since 2021.

Administered by the Department of Justice, NIBRS represents a modern approach to crime data collection, shifting from traditional victim-based reporting to an incident-based model. Under this system, multiple offenses occurring within a single incident, such as multiple car break-ins at an apartment complex, are recorded as one comprehensive report rather than multiple separate incidents.

While this change may affect the presentation of crime statistics, CPD emphasizes its commitment to transparency and accountability. NIBRS promises improved methods for compiling, analyzing, auditing, and publishing crime data, aligning with CPD’s goal of better serving and protecting the community.

The implementation of NIBRS underscores CPD’s dedication to enhancing the quality, quantity, and timeliness of crime data collection. CPD assures the citizens of Columbus that the data will remain available and accessible through the same channels, including open records and the CPD website.

Looking ahead, CPD anticipates the opportunities that NIBRS presents and expresses confidence that it will enhance their capabilities in providing the highest level of services to the citizens of Columbus.

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