Macon200 Unveils Bronze Markers Honoring Black History in Downtown Macon

Macon200 Unveils Bronze Markers Honoring Black History in Downtown Macon

In celebration of Macon’s 200th year since incorporation, the Macon200 bicentennial campaign unveiled two bronze markers dedicated to aspects of Macon’s Black history on Monday, April 22. These markers will stand as permanent tributes to Black history throughout downtown Macon.

Funded by Macon-Bibb County’s bicentennial committee, the project aims to educate the community about Macon’s diverse history. Macon200 partnered with Wesleyan College through its Crafting Democratic Futures initiative, involving community forums to gather input before selecting a subcommittee to determine the markers’ details. The markers’ content was crafted by Muriel McDowell-Jackson, Head of the Genealogical and Historical Room and Middle Georgia Archives at Washington Library.

Alex Habersham, Macon-Middle Georgia Black Pages founder and Macon200 co-chair, expressed the committee’s goal to honor all aspects of Macon’s history, including its BIPOC communities.

Mayor Lester Miller emphasized the importance of celebrating Macon-Bibb’s rich history to foster pride and unity among all communities.

Wesleyan College historian Brandi Simpson Miller highlighted the markers’ role in recognizing pivotal events and legacies that have shaped Macon’s journey.

The bicentennial project includes three bronze markers, with two unveiled on Monday commemorating the lives of enslaved individuals on Poplar Street and the Cotton Avenue African-American Business District. A third marker will be installed on Mulberry Street in the future. Additionally, aluminum signs with QR codes, in partnership with Visit Macon, will guide visitors through a Black History Trail walking tour via the Tour Macon app.

Civic groups are encouraged to fundraise for future markers on the Black Heritage Trail. Those interested can contact Julia Morrison at

The Macon200 celebration featured various events, including art shows, film festivals, the Mayor’s Ball, history presentations, 3-D projections, musical performances, and a citizen photo opportunity. The signature legacy project, Bicentennial Park in East Macon, is set to break ground next month.