Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Illegal Street Racing Event in Kennedy Estates Subdivision

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Illegal Street Racing Event in Kennedy Estates Subdivision

On Friday, April 19, 2024, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) intervened to prevent an unauthorized street racing event scheduled for Saturday, April 20, 2024, in the Kennedy Estates Subdivision.

Reports revealed that the event, which was set to include activities such as burnouts, drifting, and street racing, lacked the necessary permit for a “Mass Gathering” as required by the Carroll County Codes Department. Organizers had failed to seek approval for the event, neglecting the stringent application process typically required for such gatherings, which includes compliance with county ordinances and provision of adequate security and law enforcement presence.

Deputies engaged with the event organizers on Friday, April 19, advising them of the need to obtain proper permits and warning of the potential public nuisance and disruption to residents’ quality of life and travel in the area. Despite these warnings, the organizers took no action to cancel or comply with the legal requirements.

To preempt any potential disturbances and ensure the safety of the community, the Sheriff’s Office mobilized additional units and sought assistance from the Georgia State Patrol.

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, Deputies began to observe large numbers of vehicles and people arrive in the area of Kennedy Estates neighborhood, at one time it was estimated to be around 500 cars and 1000 people despite road checks being performed to deter traffic from entering the neighborhood. It was learned through investigation and promoters social media postings that individuals arriving were being charged $15 to spectate and $30 to participate in “stunt” driving.

Videos obtained by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office depicted scenes of congested streets, reckless driving, and perilous conditions as cars engaged in dangerous maneuvers, endangering both spectators and themselves. Deputies intervened and dispersed the gathering around 2:41 pm, causing a traffic backlog on Highway 61/Bankhead Highway as attendees dispersed towards Villa Rica.

Following the dispersal, reports flooded in to Carroll County E-911 regarding speeding vehicles, reckless driving, and even shots fired from moving vehicles. A subsequent incident occurred when two vehicles engaged in a high-speed race along Highway 61, reaching speeds exceeding 106 mph. A Carroll County Deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop, leading to a collision in the Barnes Van parking lot. Both drivers were apprehended, and their vehicles impounded.

As the situation unfolded, mutual aid was requested by the Villa Rica Police Department to address a large crowd gathering at the QuikTrip off Highway 61. Meanwhile, deputies in the Kennedy Estates area encountered further attempts to reassemble, with around 100 vehicles attempting to regroup, culminating in burnout activities at 202 Kennedy Drive. This second gathering was also disbanded.

In total, Carroll County authorities made 7 arrests, encompassing charges related to drug possession, reckless driving, outstanding warrants, obstruction of justice, and traffic offenses. Five vehicles were impounded, and multiple citations were issued.

The CCSO says that the majority of those attempting to enter the area were not residents of Carroll County.

This is an ongoing investigation. CCSO anticipates further arrests as the investigation continues and is committed holding all organizers accountable.

Additionally, county officials have been made aware of plans for future events similar to the recent gathering. In response, authorities are in the planning stages of bolstering their presence to prevent illegal and dangerous activities that disrupt community peace and quality of life.