Carrollton Man Found Guilty of Kidnapping and Assault, Receives Life Sentence

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Justin Jones, 37, of Carrollton, was found guilty by a Carroll County jury of several charges including Kidnapping with Bodily Injury, Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats, Battery, and two counts of Possession of a Firearm during a Felony. The verdict was followed by Carroll County Superior Court Judge Blackmon sentencing Jones to Life in prison without the possibility of parole, along with an additional 30 years in prison.

The prosecution team, led by Assistant District Attorneys Wade Mason and Laura Lukert, presented the case against Jones with support from DA Investigator Becky Byrd and Victim Advocate Katelynn Culbreath. Detective Dan Keever from the Carrollton Police Department spearheaded the investigation, uncovering disturbing details.

According to the investigation, on May 5, 2021, Jones abducted the victim from a local gym parking lot where they had arranged to discuss issues in their relationship. Jones subjected the victim to physical assault and threats, taking her to various locations including a gas station, a church, and a Dollar General, all of which were captured on surveillance footage. The ordeal culminated in Jones threatening the victim’s life with a firearm before ultimately taking her to a shed for the night and returning her to her car the next day.

Evidence presented during the trial included testimony from the victim, photographic evidence of her injuries, and medical records confirming her injuries were consistent with physical abuse. Additionally, another former girlfriend of Jones testified to enduring similar abuse over a decade.

Considering Jones’ extensive history of violence against women and children, including prior convictions, Judge Blackmon emphasized the seriousness of the crimes and handed down a sentence of Life in prison without parole, stating that Jones’ “reign of terror ends today.”

The outcome of this case sends a strong message to domestic abusers in the community, underscoring the substantial consequences they face for their actions. It also serves as a beacon of hope for victims of domestic violence, reaffirming that law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, and the judicial system are committed to protecting and seeking justice for them when they come forward for help.

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