Students Engage with Law Enforcement During Career Week at Lanier Elementary in Gainesville

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Students at Lanier Elementary School in Gainesville, GA, had a special opportunity last week during Career Week. While they usually see their school resource officers (SROs) on campus every week, they got a chance to spend quality time with them this time around.

Deputy Chrispen Ellis and Deputy Jackson Brown, who serve as SROs in the area, took time out to engage with the students. The students were given a break from their classes to visit with the deputies, explore their equipment, and even check out their patrol vehicles.

The event wasn’t just limited to law enforcement. Public safety colleagues from the Gainesville Police Department and Hall County Fire Rescue also joined in, providing students with insights into various aspects of public safety and emergency response.

The visit was not only educational but also inspiring. It offered students a glimpse into the world of law enforcement and public safety, sparking curiosity and potentially even shaping future career aspirations. Who knows? Some of these students may indeed become colleagues with the officers they met one day.

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