Clayton County Sheriff Cracks Down on Illegal Dumping and Graffiti

Clayton County Sheriff Cracks Down on Illegal Dumping and Graffiti

In a bold move to maintain order and cleanliness within Clayton County, Sheriff Levon Allen has announced strict enforcement against illegal dumping and graffiti. The initiative, unveiled on Sunday, aims to tackle minor quality of life crimes which can fuel larger criminal activities.

Sheriff Allen emphasized the importance of community pride, stating that allowing trash to litter roadways or buildings to be defaced with graffiti sends a negative message that “nobody cares.” He warned that such behavior fosters disorder and lawlessness, which will not be tolerated under his leadership.

The crackdown extends beyond illegal dumping and graffiti to include panhandling and loitering. Sheriff Allen made it clear that congregating at gas stations or street corners will not be permitted in Clayton County.

To facilitate community involvement in maintaining cleanliness, the Sheriff’s Clean Initiative Program (SKIP) has been established. Residents are encouraged to report instances of graffiti or illegally dumped trash by calling 770-560-1902. They can even text a picture of the trash along with its location, ensuring swift cleanup within 24 hours.

Sheriff Levon Allen reiterated his commitment to improving the quality of life in Clayton County by eliminating graffiti and trash from its roadways. Through proactive measures and community cooperation, he aims to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness throughout the county.