Elderly Man Arrested for Beating Woman with Baseball Bat in Warner Robins

Elderly Man Arrested for Beating Woman with Baseball Bat in Warner Robins
Paul Kevin Berry

On February 13, 2024, officers apprehended a man suspected of entering a woman’s home and assaulting her with a baseball bat. The victim, who possessed a no-contact order against the suspect, sustained severe injuries in the attack.

Warner Robins Police Officers responded to a distress call around 1:45 PM reporting a naked woman outside a residence on Kimberly Rd in Warner Robins, screaming for help and indicating she had been beaten. Upon arrival, officers observed significant bloodshed both inside and outside the house, with blood trails leading from the victim’s bedroom.

The victim recounted being asleep when she was abruptly struck in the head multiple times by a wooden baseball bat wielded by the assailant, identified as 72-year-old Paul Kevin Berry. Despite her attempts to flee, she suffered additional blows until she managed to escape the house, unclothed, and seek assistance.

A witness, hearing the victim’s screams, rushed to aid her, finding her outside the house covered in blood. He had observed a man, later identified as the suspect, entering the residence with an unidentified object in hand. The witness provided the victim with clothing and stayed with her until help arrived.

Another witness corroborated the victim’s distress, offering support and hearing her questioning why the assailant would attempt to take her life.

Officers later located Berry’s truck and arrested him, though he remained silent during the apprehension. A subsequent search of the vehicle, prompted by suspicions regarding the weapon used in the assault, yielded a roll of duct tape, rope, and a shovel, though the bat was not found.

Berry was transported to the Warner Robins Police Department and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated stalking.