Inmate Charged with Murder in Racially Motivated Attack at Clayton County Jail

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Jaquez Jackson

Inmate Jaquez Jackson is facing serious criminal charges after a brutal assault on his cellmate at Clayton County Jail on November 19, 2023. The victim,  Carlos Zegarra-Arroyo, succumbed to injuries inflicted during the attack.

According to authorities, Jackson, currently incarcerated for probation violation on charges including Simple Battery and Felony Terroristic Threats, launched a vicious assault on his cellmate based on racial animosity. During the investigation, Jackson expressed a strong dislike for individuals of Mexican/Hispanic descent, revealing a disturbing motive behind the attack.

Sheriff Levon Allen promptly activated the Criminal Investigation Division and Internal Affairs Unit, resulting in criminal charges against Jackson for Murder, Malice Murder, Aggravated Assault, and initiating a Penal Riot.

Jackson’s criminal history includes a previous sentence of 5 years with 12 months to be served in jail, followed by probation, stemming from charges including Simple Battery, Simple Assault, Criminal Trespass, Battery, Terroristic Threats, and Felony Terroristic Threats, Obstruction of Officer. His probation was revoked on 10/11/23, leading to a 1-year prison sentence while awaiting acceptance from the Georgia Department of Corrections.

In response to the incident, Sheriff Levon Allen and the Clayton County Board of Commissioners have been actively working to enhance the conditions at the jail. Over $5 million in additional funds have been approved for improvements, including enhanced security measures, equipment upgrades, and addressing facility maintenance issues.

However, the jail, designed for 1,536 beds and currently housing around 1900 inmates, faces overcrowding issues. Sheriff Levon Allen has requested an additional $6.5 million in funding from the Board of Commissioners to expand the jail’s capacity and improve inmate classification procedures.

The Sheriff, alongside the Board, Chief Operating Officer, and Legal Department, is exploring various funding sources to ensure the safety of all inmates, employees, and contractors at Clayton County Jail.