Termite Treatment Methods

When you suspect or know that termites are infesting your home, you must take action immediately said J&M Termite Control. The longer termites are able to eat away at the structure the more serious the damage is that they can do. Termite treatment methods are available from professional extermination companies or you can buy termiticides, chemicals that kill termites, at home and garden stores.

There are some commonly used chemicals that effectively treat termites. Most pest control companies will use Image result for professional termite exterminatorFipronil or Borate, among other chemicals. You can also find these in pre-made products in stores and can use them as indicated to get rid of termites in your home.

Fipronil is applied to the soil outside your home. A pest control company will apply it thoroughly. The chemical causes termites to die by affecting their nervous systems. Another type of chemical like this is found in termite bait stations. These can be placed around the house wherever needed to trap the termites and kill them by attacking the termite’s nervous system.

Borate is another termite treatment method. This liquid or powder gets applied directly to wood. The chemical keeps the termites from being able to digest food. This ultimately leads to their deaths. Borates are poisonous and should be handled with extreme care.

Consult with a professional termite exterminator for help if you encounter termites in and around your home. They can determine what types of termites you have and from there, formulate a better course of action for exterminating the termites. They also often have non-toxic methods for exterminating termites which might be more tolerable to your or your family especially if you have young children or pets.

Termites can be treated using chemicals or traps you can purchase yourself. Be careful, however. Sometimes you may not be able to place the baits or chemicals exactly as needed to fully eliminate the pests. This is one reason you should call your pest control experts. You can ask them what types of non-toxic methods they have to use or if they would recommend that you place baits or termiticides yourself.

Remember that your pest control experts know the laws regarding the use of pesticides. They can help prevent you from making a mistake in using termiticides which might cause you to need to hire them to do the extermination over again. Termites can do serious damage, but the right treatment options are out there to get rid of them.


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